Air Travel Tips
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First Time Air Travel Tips

First Time Air Travel Tips

Most first time flyers imagine air travel as a daunting task. To make your maiden voyage comfortable and enjoyable you simply have to make sure you are well informed of the travel procedures and prepare properly. Below are a few tips that you can follow to make your first air travel less stressful.

Tip 1: Pack Right and Smart

Be aware of your luggage limit before you start packing. International airlines allow up to 60 kgs in luggage weight depending on the ticket class. Your hand luggage must not contain any aerosols or liquids. Make sure you carry essentials such as, infant food, contact details and boarding passes for your connecting flight in your hand luggage.

Tip 2: Security Check

Arrive at least 2 hours prior to your take off time. After you check your luggage, follow the signs to security check. Do not carry any sharp objects with you. If you are carrying your laptop or other electronic gadgets pass them separately through the screening machines. Collect your boarding pass before you leave the security check point.

Tip 3: Finding Your Gate

Once you receive the boarding pass you can check for your departure gate number. Follow the signs to your gate and be seated until the gate opens for departure. You can browse through the shops and maybe buy a few magazines to keep yourself occupied during the flight.

Tip 4: Transit

If your trip involves change of airlines you will hold another boarding pass. You need to follow the signs to the respective gate and wait until itís time for departure. Luggage will be transferred to the respective flight by the airlines. You are however free to do some shopping and eating during this waiting time.

Tip 5: Collect Baggage

Once you have arrived at your destination the first thing would be to collect your luggage. Look for the sign board to find the luggage belt of your airline. Having the contact address of your airport pick up or your hotel in your hand luggage would come in handy here. Find your way out of the airport to start your dream holiday without any stress involved.

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