Nightlife in London
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Nightlife in London

London is one the most famous cities for exciting nightlife. From traditional pubs to trendy clubs London has something to offer to all kinds of people with all kinds of interests. Some tourists prefer experiencing the “authentic British pub ambience” and these kind of pubs are found in the major tourist areas such as Leicester Square, Piccadilly and Covent Garden. For slightly up-market pubs, look in South Kensington, Berkeley Street or Walton Street. Some of the pubs towards the west end of the city are believed to serve the best cocktails in the country.

Leicester Square is the place to be for most of the tourist-oriented clubs. However due to its prime location and proximity to the famous Piccadilly square, the bars and clubs tend to be over priced. Some smaller bars around that area can be useful in providing a similar ambience at a cheaper rate. Covent Garden is the second busiest night club area for tourists. Clubs in this area are well known for their music quality. Tourist groups of different kinds flock to these areas for food and fun.

Most pubs in London close at 11PM but some others are open till dawn. London offers such a wide variety of choices that it becomes difficult for one to choose the right place to party. Tourist choices usually depend on factors like budget, music and location. Apart from these regular pubs, London organizes huge numbers of venues playing different kinds of music till late at night. These musical gatherings are very common during the summer season. People gather to simply enjoy the music and grab a drink. In addition London is the home to some the largest orchestras is the world.

Some Londoners are often just tired of typical Friday nights at pubs and tend to think out of the box. London offers an equally wide range of late night dining options. The Brick Lane Bagel shop is one option where you can avail the best salt beefs and mustard bagels in London. Or why not simply grab a burger at Tinsel town or a steak at Vingt Quatre and enjoy a quiet late night dinner with your loved ones.

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